StartUp World Cup, Regionals Bulgaria 2021 will be rescheduled for new date – November 19th, 2021 in accordance with the new Covid-19 measures on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. The health and safety of our guests will remain our number one priority and we look forward to hosting the event in full anticipation of all prescribed measures.


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What do we strive to achieve?
The main vision of Digital4Bulgaria is of a leading organization in the development of the digital industry in Bulgaria which is creating an added value for the community and which is contributing to the digital transformation of business.

Who are we?
Digital4 is a foundation that is trying to promote digital technologies and the development of the digital industry in Bulgaria. We organize different initiatives in support of business and education. In the network of events, Digital4 are getting together leading specialists, entrepreneurs and digital enthusiasts who are creating new business opportunities and appropriate environment for exchanging valuable knowledge, experience, and ideas.

What do we believe in?
• Innovation • Sharing knowledge & Ideas • Community/Partnership
• Entrepreneurial spirit • Success • Business transformation
• Motivation, Inspiration, Enthusiasm
• Business Networking • Professionalism (high standards)

Digital4Bulgaria is a way to communicate! Communication with lecturers, specialists, and colleagues! Communication with clients and partners! We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere in which we help our participants to find new acquaintances and business opportunities. We welcome communication! Join us! You will like it!

What do we strive to achieve?

The main vision of Digital4Bulgaria is of a leading organization in the development of the digital industry in Bulgaria which is creating an added value for the community and which is contributing to the digital transformation of business

What do we believe in?

• Innovation • Sharing knowledge & Ideas
• Community / Partnership
• Entrepreneurial spirit
• Success & Business transformation
• Professionalism (high standards)
• Motivation, Inspiration, Enthusiasm
• Business Networking

The history of our events

Over 5000 people have attended our events so far

Awards 2020-2021 project with an award in the category “Project with an educational focus in the field of business” at the sixth consecutive annual awards of the B2B Media Annual Awards..

Digital4 Foundation is ranked among the 100 best employers / work environments in Bulgaria for 2021 according to the prestigious Career Show Index 2021.

Recognition during the awarding of the Gold Medals for Innovation from the International Technical Fair Plovdiv and “Contribution to a large-scale and innovative partnership – Digital Technology Week”.


Photos from our previous events

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More our initiatives

Meet our other activities that the Foundation develops

StartUp World Cup 2021

Starup World Cup Bulgaria is part of the global Startup World Cup Tour and Competition taking place in 40+ countries. It will be the main exclusive qualification tournament before the big finals taking place at the end of each year in San Francisco, California.

All countries where the competition takes place will qualify and send to the finals one winner who will compete for the big prize of 1 000 000 USD

Bulgaria will select her finalist on October 8th, 2021 in the city of Plovdiv and we have the honor and pleasure to invite you to be a participant, guest of partner of this major event…

Digital Stars: Ежегоден конкурс за "Най-добри млади дигитални маркетолози на България!"

Мисията на Digital Stars е да промотира разнообразните кариерни възможности, които дигиталната сфера предлага на младите хора у нас, да представи различните типове специалисти и да покаже постиженията на млади таланти в сектора от цяла България.

Проекта стартира през 2019-та година до днес!

Talks4Digital: Рубрика за маркетингови съвети и разговори с дигитални експерти в България [НА ЖИВО]

Серия безплатни уебинари с водещите лектори на конференции от серията Digital4Plovdiv, Digital4Varna, Digital4Burgas, Digital4Sofia и т.н. 

Рубриката вклюва:
• Разговори с дигиталните експерти в България;
• Най-добрите маркетингови съвети
  и още много интересни теми.

Digital Technolоgy "Special Edition": Издаване на безплатно списание за иновациите в дигиталните технологии в България [Тираж 3000 бр.]

Digital Technology Special Edition” e луксозно издание, в което е публикувана информация за иновациите в дигиталните технологии, събития, интервюта със специалисти, новини, анализи, факти и прогнози в областта на дигиталните технологии. 

Безплатно разпространение сред водещи технологични събития и инициативни в България!

DiTech.Media: Дигиталните технологии днес! Новини, Анализи и актуална информация ... & DiTech.Media са специализирани онлайн изданиия насочени към дигиталните технологии. В тях можете да следите – актуални новини за дигитални технологии в България и по света. 

Медийните сайтове се развиват с подкрепата на Фондация “Digital4”

Стипендия "Digital4" е нова инициатива, която искаме да спонсорираме чрез наши и спонсорски инвестиции бъдещото поколение!

Стипендия Digital4” е инициатива, която е с една основна цел – да подпомогне по-бързото и качествено развитието на младите хора в сферата на дигиталните технологии. Една от формите, чрез която фондация „Digital4“ подпомага обучението и развитието на даровитите млади хора, студенти и ученици, е отпускането на стипендии.

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What do you get by supporting Digital4?

  • Communicating with the correct audince
  • Participation in a successful platform for distribution your key messages
  • Positioned advertising of events all around Bulgaria.
  • Creating new partnerships and business contacts.
  • Access to the conferences “Digital4”
  • Opportunity to develop high qualified shots for your team.
  • Personal satisfaction of the cause and contribution for the growth of the industry.

Advertising during the event / Audience

  • 35% of owners and managers of online business
  • 40% marketing managers and specialists.
  • 20% of digital agencies, freelancers, and startups.
  • 5% others.

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