1.Background and introduction

Startup World Cup (“SWC or “we”) is a global startup competition and conference organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures (“PTV”) that is dedicated to launching and advising the world’s next wave of leading entrepreneurs. We are excited to support the global startup ecosystem and serve as the bridging platform for the different startup ecosystem contributors, including startups, investors, large corporations, government organizations, media, educational organizations, and more. Pegasus Tech Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based global VC firm, is awarding annual Startup World Cup winners 1 million USD investment prize to help startups shine at the global level.

We provide more than just funding. We assist startups through strategic synergies and partnerships, paving the path for startups across the world. Working with Pegasus means having the opportunity to organically grow your business and enter new markets. Previous startups that have been developed through the help of Pegasus Tech Ventures have found innovative ways to enhance healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, mobility, transportation, financial technologies, IoT, augmented reality, agriculture cleantech, etc. with a goal for improving lives and transforming industries. These companies have a significant impact by bridging people from where they are to where they need to be; as well as making all goods, services, and capital more accessible.

Startup World Cup is a global conference and competition that brings together the top startups, VCs, entrepreneurs and world-class tech CEOs. We are partnering with some of world’s largest conferences and tech events to host 40+ regional startup competitions for North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, and each regional winner attends the series of final competitions in Silicon Valley. (each of regional or final competition referred to as a “Competition”)

2. Eligibility

Who can enter the Competition:

a. We encourage startups in any domain, at any stage to apply. Please note that the startup must be a legal, registered entity not just an idea or an individual project.

b. If you are unsure about your eligibility to enter the Competition, please contact us before submitting an entry.

c. We accept applications regardless of your location.

d. There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised. We encourage everyone to apply.

e. There is no application fee

3. Submitting an entry

a. Applications need to be completed in one session. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of the information you provide, e.g., in a Word file.

b. A number of fields require text submission and indicate the maximum number of words you may enter. We recommend that you first develop your answer offline and then copy and paste your answers in the appropriate places.

c. Once you have completed the application, be sure to submit it by clicking Submit at the end.

d. All applications must be submitted in English.

e. The registration is completed once the Digital4 Team will reply to you with format confirmation

4. Startup Presentations at Competitions

a. The jury will score each candidate through a list of criteria and once all participants are scored, the points are accumulated and the startup with the highest score wins.

b. Decisions made by the jury are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

c. Whenever we need to contact you in connection with the Competition, we will use the contact information provided by you in the application form. Please try your best to provide as much contact information as possible (email, phone number, etc.). We are not responsible for incomplete or incorrect contact information provided.

d. Applicants grant SWC and Digital4 Foundation the right to photograph, film, record, and capture applicants’ representatives, presentation material, and any other material of Applicants

5. The Prize

a. Startup World Cup Bulgaria will provide free event tickets to attend the Grand Finale in San Francisco.

b. The winner of the Grand Finale will receive US $1,000,000 prize in investment. It will either be in exchange for a portion of equity related to the most recent round of funding or a convertible note, depending on the size of the company and how much funding the company has raised. The winner will also receive global exposure through media recognition from the journalists covering the event. Select sponsors will also be providing additional prizes to be announced. Additional prizes in past years included $30k in free legal services from Orrick and a Salesforce software package for the finalists, but the prize may vary from year to year.

6. Questions

a. A list of frequently asked questions (“FAQs”) is available on the Competition website. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and our FAQs, these Terms and Conditions will prevail.

7. Others

a. SWC or Digital4 Foundation may cancel the Competition due to unforeseen circumstances.

b. Participation at World Startup Cup Bulgaria is voluntary and Applicants and attendees forever release SWC and Digital4 Foundation from any and all claims, costs, expenses, suits, liabilities, losses, and damages.

c. SWC and Digital4 Foundation reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone, as well as the right to ask anyone to leave Competitions.