Our story

The story of Digital4 started all the way back in 2016 with our first event and team of only few people. In the course of the years we grew up into the unique event platform without analogue in Bulgaria. 

Digital4 allows thousands of businesses to quickly and easily reach the right potential partners and customers, as well connect with the digital community and professionals.

Moving to the next level in 2024

In 2024, Digital4 is taking event management to the next level. We have planned to hold 8 conferences – Digital4Sofia, Digital4Plovdiv, Digital4Varna, Digital4Burgas, Digital4StaraZagora, Digital4Ruse, Digital4Tarnovo and Digital4Blagoevgrad, which will bring together businesses in the cities for another year, creating conditions for new contacts and introducing them to innovative digital solutions.  

In order to consolidate the contacts made during the conferences and to turn them into partnerships, we have planned additional Digital4 networking events in five of the cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Stara Zagora. These events will have a b2b focus and will bring together the leading companies in the host cities.  

The high level of organisation and execution of the Startup World Cup Bulgaria competition has led to its expansion and in 2024 it will become Startup World Cup Balkans. Participants in the renewed format can be startups from all Balkan countries. We have also planned the sixth edition of Digital Stars, the only competition of its kind for young digital marketers.  

A leading moment in 2024 will be the introduction of the first event business network Digital4.Network. Every Digital4 event ticket holder will receive a 12 months subscription to the network.    

Digital4’s newest exclusive product, the Premium Access Card, will also launch in early 2024. The cards will provide free access to Digital4 conferences as well as additional business benefits. You can find out more about it here 

Each year Digital4 becomes a more engaged and socially responsible organisation. In 2024, a percentage of every branded product or service purchased will be set aside to be collected into a special fund to establish scholarships for underprivileged youth. The funds raised will be used to support professional development in the digital sphere.  

Digital4 is where business meets inspiration! Be a part of the events in 2024 and join the dynamic community that shares knowledge, skills and business opportunities. Visit our calendar to build the future of your business with us! 

Digital4Bulgaria Calendar 2024

Digital4Plovdiv & DiTech Expo (2 days)

Digital4Sofia & DiTech Expo (1 day)

Digital4Burgas (1 day)

Digital4Varna (1 day)

Digital4StaraZagora (1 day)

Digital4Ruse (1 day)

Digital4Tarnovo (1 day)

Digital4Blagoevgrad (1 day)

Digital Stars (Contest)

DiTech Expo (Technology expo)

StartUp World Cup, Balkans (Competition, Contest)

Digital Technology Special Edition 2024 (Magazine)


This year, we have managed to fulfil our ambitious plans and are sending off an exciting and successful 2023. At the Digital4 conferences, we gathered more than 4,000 companies in 10 of the biggest cities in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin, Blagoevgrad and Pleven. This has made us the largest and most effective events network in the country. Over the past year, we have gained the trust of countless Bulgarian businesses and managed to attract and create a number of key partnerships through which we have actively worked to improve the conditions for doing business in the cities.  

Among the most significant Digital4 events this year was the national qualifying round of the Startup World Cup competition, which highlighted the successful innovation environment in the country and sent the best startup company for 2023 – Releva.AI to the global final in San Francisco, USA.  

DiTech Special Edition showcased innovation in the technology sector, releasing an impressive print run of 4,000. Dozens industry-leading companies participated as exhibitors at DiTech Expo this year, showcasing innovative digital solutions in major cities. 

For the fifth year in a row, the one-of-a-kind Digital Stars competition was also held to recognize and encourage the country’s young digital marketers, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. At the end of the year, Digital4Plovdiv’s website was honoured and won the People’s Choice Award in the Website of the Year competition in the Event Website category. 

Throughout the year, Digital4 has worked purposefully to improve the business environment in the country, to create new business opportunities and raise awareness about digital innovation, interacting successfully and with the support of local authorities, educational institutions and private business representatives across the country.  


We bid farewell to 2022 as one of the most successful years for Digital4Bulgaria – the event platform for key industry messages, long-term partnerships and sharing experiences with industry leaders.

Digital4 invests in the development of the digital industry in Bulgaria and allows for quick and easy access to the right partners and customers.

This year, Digital4 conferences took place in six of the country’s biggest cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse and Stara Zagora. Two additional pilot events took place in the cities of Veliko Tarnovo and Vidin, which enjoyed great interest from visitors.

For another year, we successfully published the annual magazine DiTech – Digital Technology Special Edition 2022, which once again presented the most innovative technological companies in Bulgaria to our entire audience. The issue was published in record 4,000 copies.

DiTech Expo – the largest digital technology exhibition in the country took place during the annual conference Digital4 Plovdiv.  Over 30 exhibitors were presented at the Expo, which again became the largest one organized in combination with such large conference.

The Digital Stars annual competition, which recognizes the work and achievements of young marketers in Bulgaria took place for 4th consecutive year and once again brought the best talents and the future of the sector on one single stage.


The summer saw the 2nd edition of Startup World Cup Bulgaria – another competition designed to decide for the best startup company in Bulgaria for the year, which will represent the country at the world finals in San Francisco.


What year is was, full of excitement, success and new partnerships!


Every year numerous international and local companies are pro-actively presented and participate as sponsors and partners of the Digital4 Bulgaria.  Companies willing to invest in the development of digital sector and be among the leading brands in the digital transformation of the Bulgarian business.

In 2021 we are ready to welcome 3 more regional representatives and we are going to present all in total 6 live attending Digital4 events with various topics included as mainstream program. The calendar for 2021 will included the following Digital4 cities:  Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Russe. In addition, Bulgarian Digital Week 2021 will be the biggest event for the year and this year will feature 15 live streamed conferences in the frame of one whole week at the beginning of June. 

We won`t miss to present the 3rd contest for best young digital marketing professional in Bulgaria “Digital Stars”.  Our team has rapidly grown through a big number of volunteers on national and local level who are willing to part of the exciting events under the Digital4 brand.


The year of 2020 was a great challenge for the event industry on global scale and yet Digital4 Burgas took place as the first event in our calendar and went with remarkable success that made us all very proud. 

Digital4 Plovdiv: The Annual Online Marketing and eCommerce Forum in Bulgaria – didn`t fall behind and took place right in between the two big national lockdowns and once again proved to be the flagship digital forum in Bulgaria welcoming 380 participants and presented its most sophisticated and most interesting program.  All safety anti-Covid19 measures were well in place in accordance with the instructions given by the Bulgarian health authorities.  On the first evening of the forum, we hosted the 2nd edition of the “Digital Star” contes.


In 2019 we welcomed the first local partner of the project who expressed his strong believe in the concept and interest in organizing the event in his region and city.  That`s how we added Digital4 Varna to the calendar of Digitial4 Series Bulgaria.  A wonderful and very successful two-day event by the sea with 250 participants and major focus to the subjects of “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” and “Content marketing”.   Opening keynote address was delivered by the CEO of Digitial4 Bulgaria and the local representative and director for Varna.  It ended again with very pleasant networking evening cocktail near the sea.

Also, the same year was created the first free for distribution magazine “Digital Technology Special Edition 2019” featuring lot of interviews and articles about Bulgarian technology companies and experts.

In this year we added another major event and expanded the calendar with the big expo show and that turned into the first Bulgarian Digital Week.  One whole week with 13 major events in the digital technology industries, large expo zone and over 250 speakers in the conference programs. 

This took place as part of the largest for Bulgaria Plovdiv Trade Fair gathering up to 45 000 participants and visitors every year.  This first Bulgarian Digital Week presented some of the following topics for a very first time in Bulgaria: Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Video marketing, Social Networks, Digital HR, Fintech, Smart Cities etc. 

The organizers of Bulgarian Digital Week (Digital4) received a award for “Innovative Partnership of the Digital Technology Week” At the annual awarding of gold medals for innovation and technology in Bulgarial


In 2018 decision was made to expand the Digital4Plovdiv brand to series of topical events under the same name and the final and major one for the year was once again the already well established “Digital4Plovdiv – online marketing and ecommerce”.  Some of the new events were about international trade, hotel marketing, B2B event, neuromarketing and others topics.  All were attended by different type and amount of people and experts in the given fields, but at once again the big annual Digital4Plovdiv forum gathered several hundred delegates from all over the country.  It is important to note that our partner is one of the biggest and leading digital agencies in Bulgaria and among the pioneers in the county in the development of this industry.

In 2018, we gathered over 1200 people at our events.


The 2nd annual edition of the forum under the same name did not fall short of the promised potential given 12 months earlier.  The event took place in in 3 streams each in separate conference hall, large expo area and networking corners for the comfort of over 250 participants from all over the country. Among the speakers and panelists, we had the pleasure to welcome international experts and foreign guests from global market leaders like Google, Microsoft and others.  

The opening welcome address to all guests and participants was delivered by the Mayor of Plovdiv himself and the evening a cocktail reception gathered in more relaxed environment most of the participants and the official guests of the forum.


We would like to introduce you our partners from Digital4Bulgaria who became our affiliate partners in 2016.  The aim they started with was to create a society of people interested in the digital transformation, the penetration and use of digital technologies in the everyday life of people and businesses in Bulgaria.  This goes further to the development of businesses through digital marketing and improved online presence.  These are well known processes and trends, which are expected to become even more important and play crucial part in our personal and professional lives. It all started when we organized the first local forum in the city of Plovdiv – Bulgaria`s 2nd biggest city and rapidly growing business.  This shy start took place in the frame of two days under the name “Digital4Plovdiv – online marketing and ecommerce”.  With little over 50 participants and 8 speakers we considered this more than promising event and foresaw the potential and future interest in it.

Digital4Bulgaria has build its success entirely on people who believe in the development of a community, namely Digital4 Networking. Many business opportunities are created during our events – this is what the initiative is all about: innovations, knowledge and business contacts – all opportunities are available in one place. 

Digital4Bulgaria has established itself as a community of specialists and a place where colleagues gather to exchange experiences and create contacts. A place where you can discover higher potential for the development of your business.

Digital4 events are designed to attract and encourage participation of speakers with extensive practical experience. Our stage has launched the careers of many prominent specialists in Bulgaria.

Digital4Bulgaria evolved in a key platform for advertising and positioning of companies among the digital community. An easy and affordable way to be present in the largest regional cities and business hubs of Bulgaria and in the online environment.

Whether you are a sponsor, partner or participant based in any Bulgarian town, you should know that Digital4 are events you cannot miss!

Statistics from previous events | 2016 – 2023

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